Software-Defined Private Enterprise 5G+

Powering Industry 4.0 Innovations

Ananki’s application aware software-defined
private 5G+ is designed for Industry 4.0


Better 5G+ Experience

Software-defined, automated, AI-powered, application optimized connectivity, with enhanced security enabled by a programmable data plane


Cloud First

SaaS delivery for a continuously improving experience running on the multi-cloud of your choice


Industry 4.0 Ready

Empowering developers to build transformative IoT, IIoT and OT solutions with rich APIs

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    Simple as WiFi and ready for Industry 4.0

    Better Private 5G Experience

    • SaaS delivery makes 5G as easy as WiFi
    • Automated small cell detection, configuration and activation
    • Continuous spectrum optimization
    • Slice/device level SLA assurance for mission critical applications
    • 5G+ assures high network reliability, predictability and low latency
    • Live network config/status/health dashboards via your own secure portal
    • Network bottlenecks proactively identified before impact to application performance
    • Full redundancy end-to-end, even over the air

    Open RAN brings choice, power and performance

    Cloud First

    • Pre-integrated with all major hyperscalers
    • Multi-cloud, running just what’s necessary at the edge
    • Leveraging the edge cloud of your choice
    • CI/CD lets you dynamically upgrade your service to handle evolving application requirements and security threats
    • Open hardware – runs with all O-RAN compliant Open RAN hardware
    • Compelling TCO – leveraging open source and white box hardware
    • Delivered as a cloud-managed service

    Only Platform with Developer APIs for Building
    Industry 4.0 Apps

    Industry 4.0 Ready

    • Cloud-based Industry 4.0 apps can now directly connect to your assets
    • Network slicing guarantees end-to-end application performance and security
    • Define application priority once, and network self heals and optimizes to deliver optimal application performance
    • Connectivity APIs empower developers
    • Software-Defined RAN, Fabric and Core optimize and future-proof your solution
    • AIOps fault detection and correlation 
    • Highly performant and deterministic for real-time machine control

    Deployed today for DARPA’s
    $30M secure 5G project

    Industry’s Most Secure Offering

    • Hardened 5G security (SIM cards, encrypted transmission, etc.)
    • AIOps driven self-healing
      • Real time closed-loop control
      • Anomaly detection and automated recovery
      • Identifies and stops DDoS attacks in seconds (not hours/days)
    • Role-based access control
    • Policy-based application isolation
    • Enterprise Active Directory and LDAP Integration

    Software-defined end-to-end, future
    proofing your digital transformation

    Software-Defined Private 5G+
    Delivered with the Simplicity of a Service


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