Ananki Service includes everything you need
for the most advanced private 5G service

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Small Cells

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State-of-the-art 5G
connectivity stack
delivered as a Service (SaaS)

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Private SIM Cards
for your devices

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Enterprise Dashboards
& APIs

Inside Ananki

O-RAN compliant
white box small cells


Bringing economics of the cloud to your private 5G network

Ananki provides the radios, or works with radios from certified third-party partners

Simple to Deploy

  • Simple subscription-based for 5G connectivity-as-a-service
    - Pay for just the coverage you need
  • 7×24 support for deployment and operations
  • Backed by enterprise class SLAs
  • Developer assist to empower creation of 5G-powered applications

Ananki provides
the SIMs

– just plug them into your devices

* eSIMs are supported too


Give You Visibility and Control Once the Network is Operational

Application and deep network visibility and
analytics plus connected device status at your
fingertips via a secure web portal

Simple Steps
to Deploy your own
5G solution

  1. Deploy small cell radios (no complex planning required)
    - Ananki can provide small cells as part of your monthly service,
    - Or use small cells form any Ananki-certified partner
  2. Point Ananki to the edge cloud of your choice
    - Hyperscaler, Kubernetes cluster, or an Ananki specified BOM
  3. Ananki automation builds your site remotely
    - Radios are detected, automatically configured and optimized
  4. Install Ananki provided SIM Cards in your devices
    - Ananki automatically provisions the cards
  5. You are up and running
    - Enterprise Dashboards & APIs let you customize your deployment
    - APIs let your developers build intelligent IoT apps

    Learn about the foundational
    private 5G building blocks essential
    for unlocking the benefits
    of Industry 4.0

    Closed-loop control and developer APIs

    When you’re ready, you can move beyond application
    connectivity to build Industry 4.0 apps that leverage Ananki APIs
    and closed-loop control to automate your business


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