Delivering Private 5G as a Service

Author: ZackW
Date: February 3,2022

Enterprises are increasingly moving away from traditional IT, which requires up-front purchase of hardware and licensing of software, to obtaining these capabilities as services. This Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) model, sometimes called Anything-as-a-Service, provides a number of benefits, including:

In short, XaaS can improve the profitability, agility and efficiency of businesses that adopt it.

Private 5G Networks as a Service

The benefits of XaaS described above apply to private 5G networks that are delivered as a service. As a result, as-a-service delivery is most often the best way to deploy private 5G networks when all the variables are considered. 

While this is obvious for parts of the overall system, e.g., services from hyperscalers, it is also true for even the portions of the 5G network that will reside on the premises, including the edge cloud and the radio access network (RAN).  Private 5G software running in the edge cloud and RAN can be pushed and managed from the cloud. Even hardware components, such as the radios in the RAN and white box servers running the edge cloud can be provided as part of service agreements or leases.

In addition to the general benefits of XaaS, implementing the private 5G network as a service is especially advantageous for the following reasons:

gradual use case rollout

Figure 1: Gradual Rollout of Use Cases

Who Provides the Service?

A variety of businesses can provide enterprise private 5G-as-a-service, including:

No matter which service delivery option a business chooses, it is crucial that the 5G-as-a-service offering they select meets the requirements outlined in “Required Attributes of Private 5G Solutions for Industry 4.0”, a previous post in this blog series.


Because of both the general benefits of XaaS and benefits specific to enterprise private 5G networks supporting Industry 4.0, the as-a-service delivery model is emerging as the ideal way to deploy private 5G networks. 

This post, the fifth in a series, is an expanded excerpt from the Ananki white paper “Enabling Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 with Private 5G”. Register to view the complete white paper. 

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